Book Review


Mary Shelley


his month we read and discussed Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a seminal work written after a fantasy story writing competition during a rain soaked summer in Switzerland in 1816. Genevan Victor Frankenstein creates and animates a living being out of body parts but is revolted by his creation which flees and lives off the land. Rejected by humanity the creature kills Frankenstein’s young brother and a girl taken in by the family is executed for the murder. In a meeting on an alpine glacier Frankenstein agrees to put together a female companion for the creature, later does so but destroys his work and the creature takes his revenge, killing Frankenstein’s bride on their wedding night. Frankenstein fails in his pursuit of the creature in the Arctic. He dies.

Reviewed by

Glad that I had the opportunity to read this .
Really enjoyed it. Well written, liked the style, Didn’t understand all the words but raised many issues.
Wonderfully written, enjoyable. Great depth.
Fantastic book – resonant today. Goldmine for everyone.
Skimmed read it – hard. Interested in science, link to the films. Antiquated language.
Totally implausible – well written, goes on a bit, whole new genre. People should read it. Did I enjoy it?
Lame book, totally unbelievable. The account in the letters at start and end were the best parts. Finished it because I’d got do far.
Great story – dramatic and strange. Dated language and overdone. Good, interesting introduction on genesis of the story and her life.

Scores – 9,8,9,10,6,3,6,9. Average 7.5/10.