Minutes of Meeting - 7th September 2015

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Friends of Honley Library

Minutes of meeting on Monday 7th September 2015

Present: Joe Hodgson (Chair); Caroline Page; Margaret Waterworth; Nita Steel; Pat Thompson; Linda Sharpe; Jenny Bagworth; (Minutes)

Apologies: Cllr. Charles Greaves Anne Broadbent; Jenny Lockwood; Parish Cllr. Stephen Baggott; Steve Dufton; Pat Colling

1. Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.

Examination of Deeds

Joe and Caroline had been to see the deeds of the library and met with Gary Fowler [Chartered Surveyor]. They were small deeds and comprised of 11 or 12 documents. There was no mention of constraints on the use of the building. Gary had said that legal experts had looked at all deeds of all buildings owned by Kirklees. This fact was reassuring in that two different sources had looked into the deeds.

The documents dated back to 1867. Gary reads all documents from the Cabinet and the Council. Gary has the responsibility for selling buildings and at the moment there is no policy to sell the library building although following a discussion with Gary it appears that Kirklees have no money to maintain the buildings and therefore at some point in the future decisions will need to be made about its future. The next and final step would be to go to the Land Registry. This can be a difficult process but will be made easier because Gary has provided the reference number. It will cost about £5.

Gary was asked why it had taken so long to see the deeds and he apologised for the delay but it was purely because they are so overwhelmed with work at present.

Grounds-Village Trust

Previously refuse had been left in the garden at the rear of the building. The Village Trust have removed this and FOHL would like to thank them for all their hard work to make the library look so good. They are coming back to paint the railings. Thanks are also due to The Civic Society and cards will be sent to both organisations.

Web Training

Linda, Margaret, Pat and Joe met with Jon Burdon. Linda has now made some changes to the website and updated forthcoming events and included a write up of some past events. It was agreed to keep info on events up to12 months in arrears. The photo has not been put on as yet and John has agreed to do this. The web address is www.friendsofhonleylibrary.org.uk

We need more hits on the site so that it comes up on Google. Joe suggested a website group but this could be discussed in the future. A thank you card will be sent to Jon.

Joe thanked those who had done the training.

Joe and Caroline would liaise and send the thank you cards.

2. Treasurer's Report

Current Funds                                                                                   £

Bank                                                                                             358.70

Cash in hand                                                                                   20.48

Owed by Kirklees District Committee for provision of and

serving refreshments at the Community Event                                  100.00

                                                                                          Total  £479.18

The money from Kirklees is still outstanding and Joe has filled in the necessary forms. Joe has spent some time with Lisa who will support him with the Treasurer role. We would like to thank Lisa Curry for this help and support.

Jenny Lockwood had a bill for £20 for the stall booking at the Christmas Street Market. Joe will get £30 out to pay this and top up the Petty Cash amount. The next event to produce money for FOH will be the Christmas one. Joe asked if those who provided refreshments for events were reimbursed and the answer to this was that claims were not made except for paper disposables. This is something to be reviewed in the new year.

3. Events

Nita informed the meeting that we would meet at 6.15 to prepare for the Julia Deakin event. Posters had been distributed. Julia has also had quite a few posters. Concern was raised that people might turn up on the night without a ticket and we may have to turn people away. It was agreed that the posters for the December event would say 'Entrance by ticket only'.


Christmas Market Please bring good as new paperbacks to the Reading Group or FOHL meeting in November.

Jenny Lockwood will be taking the lead on this event and has advised that the public liability insurance is not now needed. She has also agreed with the library that we can have discard books for the stall. Helpers will be needed for the time slots 9.00-11.00,11.00-1.00 and 1.00-3.30. This will be organised at the Events Meeting on 12th October.

Other ways of creating interest at this stall were considered and a bran tub was suggested. Margaret and Nita would arrange this. We also hope to have book marks and a range of publicity materials available.

Leaflet This is work in progress and a draft will be produced at the next meeting.

Photo of the library[ for the website]. Pat has done this and Jon will change it.

Letter to Councillor Turner and the Examiner. Caroline produce a letter that had been sent and was thanked for all her efforts and for doing such an excellent job.

Flower Tubs

Margaret will attend the next meeting and is trying to find out if we can have 2 tubs to put outside the library and fill with bulbs and winter flowers. It is not clear who all the tubs belong to but it is thought that the 4 tubs currently outside the building belong to the Council and will be removed shortly. Sylvi from the Village Trust has previously provided planters for the railings at her own expense.

Involving more people in activities and meetings Pat has sent an email to all FOHL. Nita said that she had spoken to people who would be excellent at being involved but are put off by the concern about taking the building on. It was agreed that once the decision had been made about the library we would organise a get together with coffee and biscuits on a Saturday afternoon to get as many people together as possible and try and get across to people about what FOHL were prepared to do and what they are not prepared to do and try to change opinions.

It was also agreed that Linda and Jenny would organise a coffee morning in the spring for the Mayor's Charity -Diabetes UK.

Funding sources Pat kindly agreed to hold information about funding sources . Jenny L would also have contacts that she could hopefully pass on to Pat.

Photo of Suzanne Caroline had given people the opportunity to give their preference of the photo to be put in the library. The final decision was made for Caroline to ask Steve to get photo 5 printed 6"x 8 and FOHL would get a frame.


The scheme is going well and there are now 18 volunteers and 2 in training. Mark has a target of 25 . The coordination of volunteers is going well and Mark is happy to put the rotas up each month. The difficulty at the moment is if we need to change our slot or there is a space not filled we need to reply to all by email and change the rota in person or phone Louise and ask her to do it. If volunteers just respond to an email someone else could go to the rota in the library and not be aware that someone else had agreed to fill a slot.

5. AOB

Evening Readers Group – Joe said that the next book would be Wuthering Heights and if we heard of anyone who couldn't make the day time Reading Group please let them know about the evening group..


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 5th October 2015 at 6.00pm at Honley Library

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.20