Minutes of meeting on 2nd November 2015

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Friends of Honley Library


Minutes of meeting on Monday 2nd November 2015

Present: Joe Hodgson (Chair); Caroline Page; Margaret Waterworth; Nita Steel; Cllr. Charles Greaves; Anne Broadbent; Jenny Lockwood; Linda Sharpe; Steve Dufton; Jenny Bagworth; (Minutes)

Apologies:; Pat Thompson; Pat Colling; Cllr Edgar Holroyd-Doveton ; Parish Cllr. Stephen Baggott; Jason McCartney M.P.

The Chair advised that the meeting would need to keep to the agenda and not go into too much detail in order to keep the meeting to a reasonable time limit.

  1. 2          Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.

'Friends of Libraries' Network Event at Huddersfield Library on 12th October

Joe and Caroline attended this event and had prepared a handout which explained what fundraising FOHL had done and how it had been done. The event went well. Denby Dale had given a very good but lengthy presentation although it was not appropriate for some of the participants as Denby Dale are in a different position to most 'Friends' Groups. They have the money for the new build. Carol Stump had sent an appreciative email to Caroline for the work done and attendance at the event.

 Visits to Honley Schools

The Deputy Head of Honley Junior School is meeting with Louise, Mark, Tiffany, Caroline and Jenny L tomorrow at 4.30 at the Library to discuss regular class visits to the Library for three year groups.

 Website Group

The group met last Thursday and as a result emails were sent to Jon Burdon and replies received and the following achieved:

  • Photo on website changed
  • email added to the website
  • password obtained

 Steve has set up a gmail account and from this facebook and twitter can be set up. Steve has also started investigating how many hits the web site has received and initially there have not been many but he is looking into this further and the aim is to make FOHL more visible

 Leaflet for FOHL

Jenny B produced the latest draft of this and feedback was favourable. Caroline offered a suggestion to add organisations to the About Us section. Jenny will forward the leaflet to Joe and subject to minor changes it will go to the printer shortly. Arrangements will be made to visit the printer to discuss options for the bookmark. Jenny will contact them and advise Joe, Caroline and Linda of result.

The cost for the folded leaflets, 500 @ £85   250 @ £65 Bookmarks, printed on both sides, stiff white board, no laminating   500 @ £30, 250 @ £20

It was agreed that we would order 500 of each.

Charles suggested we put the leaflets out to villages nearby such as Netherton, Thurstonland, Farnley Tyas, Brockholes, Hinchliffes and maybe New Mill.

 FOHL Bags Steve had investigated and although he can source linen bags for 99p each the printing would bring the cost up to £4. He had therefore looked into paper bags and clear labels with our web address on it. The font and position of the web address were discussed and Steve was asked to proceed with this using the positioning and font agreed on. The cost of the bags was £24 for 100 plus the labels.

Jenny B wondered if for the future we use an ink stamp and fabric ink on linen bags and will investigate the cost of such a stamp.

Response from Charles re Library Proposals

Honley Library will remain as a Kirklees owned building and the running costs will be paid for by library services. Whilst there is no imminent change to this situation it is not known how long these arrangements will continue and the Councilwant a solution in the long term and have been looking at the library merging with the Village Hall or the Community Centre, although Charles said that neither of these would work. An Asset Transfer might be the option. The council are likely to do emergency repairs but not improvements. A discussion followed about guttering and windows. Charles stated that the guttering should have priority over the windows

and it was agreed that Caroline would raise this issue with Mark and Salma. Other issues regarding this topic would be dealt with under Scrutiny.

 Flower Tubs These have been replanted. Margaret attended a meeting and has sent an email regarding the tubs but has not had a response. It is thought that the tubs have been replanted by 'Honley in Bloom' and that in the absence of replies to emails or other information we would just be thankful that they had been done.

 Library Volunteers Social Evening

Mark was circulating an email about this and it was agreed that it was part of his remit at the moment.

 3 Scrutiny Meeting

Caroline had attended the Scrutiny meeting at the request of Salma. The meeting had lasted from 9.30 to 4.15 but was very interesting.

8 Lib. Dems. had concerns on 4 points approved by the Cabinet............

1.The proposals did not supply sufficient evidence as to how the hours had been allocated between the different libraries
2. There was an unclear definition of the difference between Town Libraries and Community Supported Libraries.

There was discontent from some libraries regarding how many hours and staff time they had been given so these issues were under further consideration by the Cabinet. Charles advised that there was room for manoeuvrability.

Results are unlikely to be known before Christmas. The Examiner had produced a good write up on this subject.

The town libraries consisted of 7 in North Kirklees and Holmfirth but it was unclear how these had been defined. Salma had sent Caroline an appreciative email for attending and speaking, in which Salma commented on "how well you have all worked with us". 

4 FOHL Structure and Sub Groups

Joe outlined how he saw FOHL operating by having a friends meeting every month and it was to this group where the sub groups would report back. It is mainly the same people who were involved in all groups. With regard the Development Group it had ceased due to loss of participants and it manufactured tasks which were not completed. Caroline and Joe have performed the development function and agreed to continue in this vein.

Anne said that initially the Events Group was set up to organise the quarterly readarounds but this had escalated and more events had been arranged. It was agreed that the Events Group would have a break in January and meet again in February to discuss what events would be planned and individual FOHL members would need to say what they were prepared to do. Existing plans for events would be carried through and the Events Group would oversee all events not just the quarterly readarounds. Charles advised that the most important issues for the 'Friends' to do were to keep up the number of volunteers to work in the library and to get people through the doors.

 5 Photo Protocol.

Mark's information had been circulated and had been interpreted in slightly different ways. Joe, Anne and Linda would try and meet with Mark to clarify what action we needed to take at our events and how to work the library camera.

6 Events and Activities

Christmas Tree Festival

Caroline, Mike and Joe would put the tree up between 9.30 and 10.00 on Wed 2nd December and then it can be decorated until 11.30 or on Thursday morning or Friday between 9.00 and 6.00. We would need to use the side entrance when going to put the decorations up. Karen Stannard was the link person. FOHL had met with the Knot and Natter group and lots of decorations had been made. This group know about the setting up arrangements. It was agree to meet with them again on 23rd November.

The trees would need to be taken down on December 6th between 4.00 and 6.00. Offers of help to take it down would be appreciated. The decorations could then be used in the library. It was agreed that this was a great collaborative event.

  Street Market

It was agreed that we would only have one book token. The two metres of bunting would consist of our leaflets and possibly bags and if there were any decorations left over from the Christmas Tree Festival they could possibly be used. The weather would also be a factor to consider when setting up the stall. Jenny L had issued a detailed plan for the day and it was agreed that the price of books would be reduced at lunchtime. Jenny L has also sorted all the books she has into categories and they are all in her garage. The books collected at Book Group on Wednesday would also be sorted and used on the stall first and books would be needed by 30th November. As Jenny L lived so near to the stall we could restock the stall from her garage.

Her friend will make a cloth banner for the stall and we will be able to use this for future events.

The limit of prizes for the bran tub would be 50. Pat T has the paper for the tub.


Eight in a Bar are donating a signed CD for the raffle. We would have to limit the number of tickets sold for the event to 33 for insurance purposes. We would need to use the library camera [see Photo Protocol]

YBS are no longer able to print posters for us. We were all thank ful for the help they had given us in the past. The posters for the readaround had been printed and there would be a small cost. Hopefully we can find another organisation to print the posters for us.

7 Treasurers Report

Joe reported that there was £476,70 in the bank and £30.48 in cash totalling £517.18. There would be costs for the leaflets and bookmarks, paperbags and labels to be paid in due course.

 8 AOB

Linda asked if there was anything else to go in the Honley Flyer which is distributed about the end of November. At the moment she has the Readaround, Tree Festival, Street Market. No other items were mentioned for inclusion.

 Date of Next Meeting: Monday 7th December 2015 at 6.00pm at Honley Library

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.20