Minutes of Meeting on 7th December 2015

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Friends of Honley Library

Minutes of meeting on Monday 7th December 2015

Present: Joe Hodgson (Chair); Caroline Page; Margaret Waterworth; Nita Steel; Jenny Bagworth; Linda Sharpe; Jenny Lockwood; Anne Broadbent; Pat Thompson (Minutes)

1. Apologies: Cllr. Charles Greaves; Parish Cllr. Stephen Baggott; Stephen Dufton; Pat Colling; Alison Sharman

2. Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising:

Thank you to Jenny for taking the minutes of the last meeting, which were agreed and signed.

Letter re. Gutters - Caroline has received a reply from Salma Dad, who said that she will raise the need for repairs with PRP. She also thanked Caroline for bringing the matter to her attention. Caroline said that she has heard that PRP will keep responsibility for maintenance of the library building at present and will chase the gutter repairs up if necessary. Jenny Lockwood expressed concern about the length of time it is taking to repair the broken window in the library door. Louise said that she has been told that it will be repaired tomorrow.

Class Visits - Caroline and Jenny L met with two teachers from Honley Junior School at the Library. It was agreed that eight classes will visit on rotation for ½ hour sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. Jenny L. said that we must ensure that Louise has enough support, with extra volunteers if necessary. Children without a library card will be given a form to take home to complete so that one can be issued. If a child does not have a card or form, they will still be able to take a book out on the class card.

FOHL Leaflet/Bookmark – We have produced and purchased 500 of each, although we have extra bookmarks due to an error in the way the first batch were cut. We discussed where they should be distributed, including the Village Hall and Parish Rooms, Library and placing a copy in the village notice board. Jenny L said that she would take some to St Mary's Church and Caroline will take some to the Civic Society. A huge thank you to Jenny B for designing and organising the printing. Jenny said that she would send a card to Sharon Gaunt at the Printer's for all the support which she gave.

FOHL Bags – Stephen Dufton has had 100 paper bags printed with the FOHL website; cost £25. Jenny B. said that she had done some costings for a rubber stamp of the FOHL logo, with a view to printing it on to cloth bags. The cost would be £50 - £60. No decision has been agreed on this at present.

Flower Tubs – The Village Trust had money left over from their original grant, which enabled them, together with the Civic Society, to re-plant the tubs outside the Library and around the village. It is not clear what will happen in the future but it would probably be possible for FOHL to pay for replacement plants if necessary. Margaret said that the Society had done a litter pick around the Library last Sunday.

Photo Protocol – Mark has clarified that we do not need to follow the protocol for adult pictures, only for those including children. Nita asked if we need written confirmation of this decision and Joe said that he would ask Mark for this. It was agreed that, before we take photos at events, we will tell everyone where the photos will be published and ask if they are okay with this.

Scrutiny Meeting Update - Caroline said that the Cabinet had approved the proposals, except for two small amendments; Mirfield Library has now two hours less and Birstall Library has been given two hours more.

3. Events

The 'Christmas Readaround' was a great success due to the fantastic performance by '8 in a Bar', whose attendance had been secured by Anne Broadbent; not an easy task at this time of year given their full diary of commitments. Anne organised the programme for the night and was supported by the Events Team and other 'Friends', including Linda Sharpe who took responsibility for publicity; Jenny Bagworth who designed the posters and Nita Steel who organised the public poetry readings on the night.

The singers donated a signed copy of their CD for one of the raffle prizes. Other prizes were donated by 'Mustard and Punch', 'Stylish Thoughts' and Nita, who provided a bottle of wine. Further copies of the CD were available to buy on the evening. The next 'Events' meeting will be arranged in February.

The Christmas Tree Festival in Trinity Church went very well. There was good liaison between FOHL and the Knit and Natter Group to decorate our tree, which looked excellent. All the decorations were appropriate, either knitted or based on a book theme. The knitted snowman, reading a book brought the display together. A huge thank you to Caroline, who provided the tree; Joyce Hobson, who was our link person with the Knit and Natter Group; all the people who knitted decorations and the nativity scene; Nita, Margaret W, Linda S, Liz and Caroline, who made the book themed decorations and everyone who helped to assemble, decorate and dismantle the tree.

The Christmas Street Market unfortunately was cancelled due to the extremely bad weather. We have collected around 350 books, together with gifts for the bran tub and discussed possibilities for an alternative event. Jenny said that she had been told that we could hire the Parish Rooms for £20 and it was agreed to hold a Coffee Morning and Book Sale on 23rd January, subject to confirmation of the room. Further plans agreed were:-

Free refreshments, consisting of tea, coffee, juice and biscuits -. Jenny B and Margaret W to purchase.

Bran Tub - Nita to rewrap presents as majority in Christmas paper.

Posters and publicity – Linda S (Web Site, Facebook, Twitter)

Jenny L will ask Val Javin to do the press release as she used to be Deputy Editor of the Examiner.

Jenny L will also make an announcement at St Mary's Church and Caroline will do the same at Trinity Church.

Everyone to arrive early at 9.00a.m to set up. Nita, Karl and Joe to help move the books from Jenny's garage.

In addition we will distribute Leaflets, Bookmarks, Printed bags and promote and give information about Library Volunteers.

4. Library Plans

Caroline said that Salma Dad has requested to meet with FOHL to discuss future plans for the Library. Mark said that he would give us some possible dates but Caroline suggested that Salma comes to the next FOHL Meeting. (1st February 2016)

The counter in Honley Library will shortly be replaced by a new 'pod' which will have a larger work surface and will incorporate a lower part for wheelchair users.

5. Treasurers Report

Joe said that the balance in YBS is £416.70 and he has £18.49 in Petty Cash after paying for the leaflets, bags etc. Full details are available as necessary.

6. Website Group

Facebook and Twitter are now linked up to the FOHL website. Linda S said that she would put information on these sites about the 'Santa Story Time' event at the Library.

The Group needs to meet to discuss whether it might be better to put agendas and minutes on the website in PDF format. It was agreed to meet at the Gallery Cafe at 10.00am on Monday 14th December.

7. Library Volunteers

A meeting was held for volunteers on Wednesday 25th November and 13 people attended. Mark said that the Library will continue to open 28 hours a week until further notice, however a process is being followed to address staffing, volunteers, the buildings and opening hours across all Libraries in Kirklees. All changes will need to be implemented before 31st January 2017. Honley has a strong team of volunteers (18 plus some in training) who are covering 16 hours per week at present.

Mark said that we need to increase the coverage of volunteers to 28 hours, therefore more volunteers will be needed to cover the additional hours. Carrie and Femi offered to be Volunteer Coordinators and will work with Mark to build on what is working, relieve Mark of some of the more operational volunteer work and look at the issue of availability for the additional hours. Carrie and Femi will also have a 'back-up' person.

There was a discussion around the volunteer application form, which some people thought might be 'off-putting' to potential volunteers. Caroline suggested that this should be discussed when we meet with Salma.

There is a Social Evening for Volunteers at Honley Library on Wednesday 9th December.

8. AOB

It was agreed that Joe will purchase 12 mugs and 12 glasses, 24 teaspoons, a sugar basin and milk jug for the library.

Date of Next Meeting: 1st February 2016

The meeting closed at 7.40pm