Minutes of Meeting on Monday 16th March 2015

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Friends of Honley Library

Minutes of Meeting on Monday 16th March 2015

Present:  Joe Hodgson (Chair); Caroline Page; Anne Broadbent; Margaret Waterworth; Nita Steel; Jenny Bagworth; Pat Thompson (Minutes)

Apologies: Linda Sharpe; Jenny Lockwood; Pat Colling; Cllr Charles Greaves; Cllr Terry Lyons; Cllr Edgar Holroyd-Doveton;

This meeting is a continuation of the agenda for 2nd March, when only the first item was completed.

The minutes were agreed and signed.

Parish Council Community Award: This award, which has been given to Suzanne, consists of a statuette and small grant. Sally, the Clerk to the Parish Council, will contact Steve, Suzanne’s husband regarding the presentation. Steve has indicated that he would like representatives from FOHL to attend with him. Joe said that he would contact Charles Greaves to find out when the presentation would be.

Role Descriptions of Chair etc.: The Development Group has not written the role descriptions yet and it is unlikely that they will be completed by early April.

WW1 Display: Caroline reported that the Display is now situated in the entrance hall at Enfield Down for the next month. They have put the display boards on their own tables and Caroline said that it looked very impressive. She went on to say that this would probably be the last venue, unless anyone had a suggestion for anywhere else. Jenny suggested that the display information could be put into a file or binder and kept in the Local History Section at the Library. Everyone thought this was a very good idea, as a lot of work was put into the displays and it would be a shame for it to be lost. The poetry will be given to Anne, who will put it in an album, for display in the Library.

The Risk Assessment for the use of a ‘Baby Burco’ on the Library premises was not favourable, therefore Joe has purchased a 5 litre hot water flask and 2 insulated jugs for serving coffee and tea at events.

The net profit from the last ‘Readaround’ was £48.50

Total funds are now £355.26

Anne said that she had received lots of good comments following the ‘Readaround’ with Dorothy Foster, including ‘nice atmosphere’, ‘buns – wow!’

Future Events:

The next ‘Readaround’ will be in July and will just be audience participation. A date will be agreed shortly.

Saturday 25th April – Coffee Morning at the Library, in aid of Kirkwood Hospice, organised by Jenny B. and Linda S. There will be a meeting at the Gallery Cafe on Tuesday 31st March at 2.00pm to discuss arrangements.

Monday 8th June – Peter Marshall talk on ‘Formidable Women of Honley’ (title may be altered slightly) Caroline said that Peter does not expect a fee but it was agreed that we would give a donation to the Civic Society.

Tuesday 22nd September – An audience with Julia Deakin, a widely published poet. Anne will contact Julia to discuss the format. After speaking to members of FOHL, Anne said that Julia will probably take up the whole evening.

There will be a ‘Readaround arranged for early December, which may possibly include a performance by Honley Male Voice Choir.

Possibly in the New Year, Suzanne Gannon to give a talk on Creative Writing – what it is and how she approaches it, with a view to holding workshops at the Library

Nita and Anne thanked Joe and Pat for setting the chairs out before the last event. They stressed that members of the Events Group are willing to help with this at future events.

Website: Joe reported that we have been successful with our application for a grant from the District Council and have been awarded £200 towards the cost of setting up a website for FOHL. Costs will include the development of the site, a domain name for 5 years (probably ‘Friends of Honley Library.org.uk’), Hosting of the site for 2 years. FOHL will need to contribute about £100 to the costs.

Joe has to return a form, accepting the conditions of the grant but there is a question about public liability insurance, which he needs to clarify. He has emailed Julie, the administrator and will also ask Charles about it.

The Development group will need to meet up with the Web Designer and Joe asked if anyone else would like to be involved with this.

There was a discussion about whether it is worth setting up a website, given our position at present. However, we have until March 2017 and the website will be useful in promoting the Friends Group and our aim to be a Community Supported  Library and, if the worst happens, in reaching influential people in Honley who might be willing to form a Library Trust if necessary.

New Reading Groups:

Joe has four or five people who are interested in an evening reading group.

The U3A reading group at the library started on Tuesday 10th March and will be held monthly. Five people attended the first meeting.

‘Honley Library Book Chat’ is on the first Tuesday of each month from 2.00 to 3.00pm. Apparently you don’t have to read a book; a paragraph is read out from a book and discussed.

The draft revised Constitution was discussed. In general people seemed happy with it but one amendment was made as follows:-

3. Activities

vi. Support the use of volunteers to help to preserve and promote the Honley library service.

Further discussion will be had at the next meeting in order that a final Constitution can be agreed at the AGM.

Caroline suggested that, as volunteers are starting to book holidays, we should arrange cover for ourselves and let Pat C know before she spends time on the rota for May/June. There is a problem, twice a month, about covering the Monday evening shift and Pat C has suggested swapping Mondays for Friday mornings. It might be helpful to arrange a meeting of volunteers so that we could have a discussion about our availability.

Caroline has contacted Honley High school regarding the possibility of pupils working in the Library. The secretary asked Caroline to put the request in writing so that she could pass it on to the teachers who are responsible for the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’ and for work experience, which she has now done. Our thanks were given to Caroline for doing this.

Since November, we have only given out 6 Food Bags at the library and concerns were expressed about this at the Food Bank Volunteers (HV) meeting. It was agreed that we would approach Trinity Church to ask if we could distribute the bags from there. Caroline said that she would ask the secretary about this.

Following the discussion on 2nd March with Salma Dad, a further meeting was arranged between Joe, Caroline, Anne, Charles and Edgar. Edgar’s wife, Suzanne Gannon, also attended.

All possible venues for an alternative building for the library in Honley were discussed and none proved to be appropriate.

It was agreed that:

$1·         Councillors would support FOHL in making it clear that we wish to remain a Community Supported Library.

$1·         We would investigate the deeds to the Library building to check whether there are any limitations set out for the use of the building

$1·         We would set up a meeting with Jane Brady, Assistant Director, to request the deeds to the building and also to reinforce that FOHL will not be responsible for a Community Run Library

Anne was worried that Charles and Edgar also talked about an Asset Transfer and setting up a Library Trust if necessary but, in their position, they have to keep an eye to the future and FOHL would not be involved in this, other than offering our support as we do at present.

Since this meeting, Caroline has spoken to Jane Brady’s secretary and Jane is willing to meet with reps from FOHL. She asked that Caroline sends an email, setting out questions and topics for discussion. Caroline has already requested a copy of the deeds. It may be necessary to get a solicitor to look at the deeds for us to clarify things. A big ‘Thank you’ to Caroline for her work on this.

Date of next meetings:  Monday 13th April at 6.00pm at Honley Library

                                            (postponed due to Easter)     

                                AGM:  Monday 1st June at 6.00pm at Honley Library