About Us

About the Friends of Honley Library

FoHL is a Charitable Incorporated Institution with a Board of Trustees and a Management Committee. It manages the library building on behalf of the Holme Valley Parish Council and, together with Kirklees Library Services, provides book lending and IT access services to all Kirklees library members. The development of a Community Library will also ensure the availability of a resource that is available for activities that complement its primary role to support, inform and educate.

The Key Partners

  • Friends of Honley Library – Board of Trustees
  • Holme Valley Parish Council
  • Friends of Honley Library – Management Committee
  • Kirklees Library Services
  • Friends of Honley Library – Volunteers

Other Honley Community organisations:

  • Honley Civic Society
  • Friends of Honley
  • Honley Business Association
  • Honley Community Village Trust

Primary Aims of FoHL

  • To support the development of reading skills for both children and adults
  • To encourage the development of social skills and self-confidence in children and adults
  • To ensure inclusivity by the provision of access to IT services for all
  • To support community groups with specific education or reading themed projects
  • To provide a friendly environment that minimises loneliness