Volunteering with Honley Library

Opportunities within The Friends of Honley Library CIO

Volunteering at Honley Library offers a wide variety of opportunities for personal development and for pursuing particular interests. Below is an outline of the different areas where FoHL members may wish to volunteer their time and service:

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Board of Trustees / Governance of Friends of Honley Library CIO

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the library apart from the book and IT services that will continue to be run by Kirklees Library Services (KLS).

The Management Committee:

Responsible for:

  • Building maintenance
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • The Community Asset
  • Volunteers
  • Funding and Funding
  • Bids
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Charitable Status
  • Policies
  • Liaison with KLS
  • Liaison with HVPC

Promotion and Communications:

Responsible for:

  • Publicity
  • FoHL Website
  • Social Media presence
  • Newsletters
  • Event flyers
  • Links to local press
  • Communications across FoHL and with other local organisations

Library Service Volunteers:

Responsible for:

  • Helping KLS to cover opening hours
  • Working independently or alongside KLS staff to provide the regular library services
  • Managing the Volunteer rota
  • Meeting, greeting and helping the public to use the library services
  • Supporting KLS activities

Events and Activities for Adults and Children:

Responsible for:

  • Poetry and read-around evenings
  • Children’s Book Festival
  • Supporting KLS events
  • FoHL fund-raising events
  • Visiting speakers
  • Future plans: local history, craft workshops, film club