Book Review

The Escape Artist

Jonathan Freedland


This is a book based on the remarkable true story of the first Jewish escapees from Auschwitz.  You follow the life of Rudolph Verber ne Walter Rosenberg through the lead up to his incarceration in Auschwitz, the time that he spent in the labour camp and then the amazing daring escape that was made to warn the world and tell them of what what happening to the Jewish race.  The book then touches on the worlds reaction to the information and Verbers life long battle to raise awareness.

Reviewed by

Katy Powell

In short, this book spurred a lot of discussion.  The group felt that the book was well written making the narrative very accessible.  Jonathan Freedland has presented the information in as neutral, non judgemental manner as possible.  The level of detail about the Holocaust is immense and there was general agreement among the group that the book should form part of secondary school History curriculum.  The book is very coherent and looks at lots of different angles.  The consensus was that Rudolph Verber should be remembered in the same way that Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler are but because of Verbers unapologetic prickly manner he is less appealing to the general population.

There were 11 members of the club voting so a possible score of 110

The total was 97/110 so the overall average score of 8.8