Book Review

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Mitch Albom


THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN is a wonderfully moving fable that addresses the meaning of life

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Reviewed by Irene

Five People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

The book prompted a lively discussion regarding the concept upon which the book was based. The main character dies and meets five people in their own concept of heaven to discuss the part he played in their life. Told through a variety of birthday celebrations during Eddie’s life and the encounters with those whose lives he touched the reader learns about his life and experiences during his long life. He always felt insignificant and undervalued but learns how his life has touched others and what they remember of him.

The group had mixed reactions to the book but the majority felt that the concept on which it was based probably made it an interesting, rather than an enjoyable read. Quickly and easily read it was felt to be, in parts, overly sentimental and reflected the mores and morals of the period in which it was set. It definitely was anti war and the destruction it can cause and the long term effects on participants.

Some felt the staccato style and short sentences were a positive, others felt it detracted from the writing. As you can see the book provoked debate about the way we live our lives and the effect we may have on others and how perceptions can be very different.